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PCN Email Advice Line

GPDF arranged to have a series of documents and templates related to Primary Care Networks prepared by their legal advisors. These can be found on the Library section of this website.

An email address for LMCs to send queries relating to the set-up/operation of PCNs has been established PCNenquiries@Penningtons.co.uk this will be available to LMCs until March 2020.

If you are a GP or Clinical Director who has a question, please contact your LMC. Where appropriate, LMCs should collate queries and forward them on to th email address above. Rather than responding individually to each email, an FAQ document based on the queries received will be produced and updated as and when further queries are received. An automatic reply from the PCN email address will confirm this.

The FAQ document is located in the Library section of this website.

GPDF Links

Please find below a repository of common and well-used links to websites used by the GPDF, LMCs and General Practice practitioners.

BMA England: www.bma.org.uk

BMA Scotland: https://www.bma.org.uk/?region=SC   

BMA Waleshttps://www.bma.org.uk/?region=WA 

Royal College of General Practitioners: www.rcgp.org.uk

NHS: www.nhs.uk